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Story of Don’t Breathe 2

Release Date: 25th August

This time, Arthur Bishop, Statham's character, must return to the criminal world that he had left behind forced by the actions carried out by a mysterious woman played by Jessica Alba. In that way, Bishop must complete the murders of some of the most men in the world.
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   Opening weekend US & Canada $10,622,473 Aug 15, 2021
Genre    :   Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller, Action
Time    :   2h 1min. / 2:22
Budget    :   $220 000 000
Age    :   13+

Rating:   IMDb  / 6.5

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Norman Nordstrom, the Blind Man, Don’t Breathe 2 has taken under his guard an orphan named Phoenix, after several years of living isolated from civilization. Her forced tranquility will be destroyed when a group of men enter her home with the intention of taking who she calls her daughter.

Five years ago, No Breathes by Fede Álvarez was released, a small thriller whose story followed a group of thieves who try to rob the house of a blind man, without knowing that he is more than capable of defending himself. Don’t Breathe 2 An original concept with a masterful execution that refers to the exploitation cinema of the 70’s. The ending was open enough for a sequel which, thanks to its success, was announced not long after the premiere.

We all have fears with the aftermath and this was no exception. What else was there to say? Well, the writer, now director, Rodo Sayagues found the way with which he could continue the story or rather how to continue taking advantage of the concept, since it seems that between one delivery and another there is no better relationship beyond the presence of Norman Nordstrom. Don’t Breathe 2 known as The Blind Man, played by Stephen Lang. So if you expected to see a continuation as such of what happened in the first one, you will be disappointed.

Lang’s character became an icon, not because he was sympathetic, but because of the mysticism that surrounded him. Everyone wanted to know more about him and that is why it is not surprising that for this sequel they have made him the main one, a decision that comes with its pros and cons of him.

On the positive side we can start with the fact that Stephen Lang’s performance is once again brilliant, by the nature of the character he must put a lot of effort into the physical and I do not mean the action scenes, but that Lang must use his body language to convey strong emotions in a subtle way. It also allows us to observe him more closely, how his life works, how he deals with his disability and better yet, how he acquires these almost superhuman abilities with which he defends himself.

The problem with bringing this character is in the way in which he is represented on this occasion, to talk about this could fall into minor spoilers so you have to read with caution. The film has an atmosphere of serious pessimism, there is nothing good, nothing alive, nothing valuable, its purpose is precisely to find the positive side, nothing peculiar or bad with this idea that in recent years has been very present in the cinema and even more common to develop it with a redemption story.

That is unfortunately the case of Don’t Breathe 2 with the Blind Man, a character whose actions in the first installment exceed the limits of what is redeemable and yet Sayagues strives so that we now see Norman as a victim and not a victimizer. In the plot there are some twists that try to give the situation more light and dark, however it seems that the balance of morality always falls in favor of the Blind Man, as if in this world of evil people, he is the least worst.

What has led Sayagues and Álvarez to try to convince us that this character could have heroic qualities? We may not know, but that decision transformed this sequel from a great thriller into an action movie more, although somewhat more violent than usual. Don’t Breathe 2 will not cause a sensation like the first installment and it may not be able to expand to more sequels, but at least it guarantees a good time for those who like these types of films.

  • Director: Rodo Sayagues
  • Writers: Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
  • Production companies: Screen Gems, Stage 6 Films, Ghost House Pictures
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


Do Latinos have a harder time being scared? According to the Uruguayan filmmakers, Fede Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues, masterminds behind “Don’t breathe” (2016) and now its sequel, “Don’t breathe 2”, the way in which Latin Americans perceive terror is very different from that of Anglo-Saxons, because Latinos are culturally accustomed to being lied to, which is why they are naturally more skeptical.

“Americans tend to be scared more easily but we are not. Culturally we have a history in which they lie to us over and over again and we begin to doubt everything, to be more incredulous and that makes genres like terror more difficult than the Latino believes it, Latinos are more demanding in that sense, “Fede commented to EL UNIVERSAL.

Precisely that vision as Latinos and horror lovers, they consider, was what made director Sam Raimi (“Spider-Man”) call them for this franchise. “It is true that not all Latinos are the same, a Mexican may even be more similar to an American than to an Argentine for example, simply because geographically they are closer to the United States, but it is true that in Latin America we have a long history of abuse in politics and that makes that fear more difficult to achieve in us who are used to lies, “said Rodo.

Sayagues, who along with Álvarez became known in Hollywood for the remake that they both wrote of “Infernal Possession”, commented that they never believed that the story of “Do not breathe” could have a sequel, so they decided to delve into the history of the villain and protagonist, Stephen Lang.

“In this film these criminals are much more dangerous than in the previous one, so it was interesting to imagine the way in which Stephen’s character would confront them,” he highlights about the film, which opens in theaters on August 13.

The second film by the Uruguayan Fede Álvarez has become the unexpected cinematographic phenomenon of the end of the summer. It has raised 26 million dollars in its first weekend in the US, displacing the powerful Suicide Squad and has given a whole lesson when it comes to making movies, taking into account that the production did not exceed the nine million budget.

Do not breathe (Don’t Breathe), which opens in Spain this Friday, is an intense thriller from start to finish, a gem of suspense cinema that stars three young people who want to change their miserable lives by robbing a blind person who he hides a great fortune in his house. What seems like a simple and easy assault to execute turns into a nightmare for its protagonists: the blind man is a kind of ruthless mercenary who is not willing to let himself be overlooked.

The idea for Don’t Breathe came from this character, nicknamed ‘Blind man’, a veteran who lost his vision in the Gulf War and who ends up confined at home after the death of his daughter, who was run over in a car accident. Little do future petty theft thieves know of the kind they are going to face. For the director, the Blind Man, played by Stephen Lang (dodgy already in Avatar), is “an unusual character, very clever. A complete bastard. Very far from those characters with disabilities who are noble ”. In this ambiguity of the hunted hunter (who is the bad guy here?) Lies the strength of this disturbing and dark thriller, set in a depressing Detroit neighborhood that is already scary in itself, with a labyrinthine house, with dark corridors and nooks and crannies. full of shadows.

With a script by the director himself with Rodo Sayagues, the film is produced by Sam Raimi, the cult director who already worked with the Uruguayan on the remake of his film Infernal Possession (2013). For Raimi, the Blind Man allows “creating tension with both images and sound”, an aspect that creates constant unease, since Don’t Breathe almost completely lacks dialogue. Faced with a blind man to escape from, words, breathing (“don’t breathe”), a wrong step taken, the slightest noise… it becomes a death trap.

And what is even worse, everything seems real, as the director acknowledges: “The suspense of the film is based on things that could really happen. That is something that scares me much more ”. Like being attacked by a Rottweiler. And if not that they tell the protagonist, Jane Levy, who suffers again after starring in Infernal Possession, where, remember, she was buried alive. For Levy, mind you, her experience in Don’t Breathe was worse: “The dog seemed to be out of his mind. I was convinced that he was going to eat me alive if his owner, a giant Hungarian, let him go ”.

Variety, considered the most important industrial publication in Hollywood, places the thriller written and directed by Uruguayan Fede Alvarez among the big box office hits of the year. His judgment does not appeal directly to revenue figures, but rather to a mix of the original budget, expectations, and final revenue results. Thus, the film released in North America on August 26 raised worldwide 153.2 million with an investment of only 19 million. We could add that, in addition, the critics liked it, who gave it an 87% positive evaluation.

The publication highlights that Alvarez’s second film started with two points against, a cast of little or no known actors (Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto), and that it is not a sequel, adaptation or remake . However, the tension created by the Uruguayan with his co-writer Rodo Sayagués caught the audience. Compared to the rest of the lucky ones, “Don’t breathe” is the cheapest (although the one that has collected the least) and the best valued by critics.

Here are the five films Variety considers the biggest surprise hits of the year:

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